• Battery Banks with Solar Charging

    Feb 18 2023

    For those of us with a need to charge up our devices on the go, and there is no AC outlet nearby, you use a battery bank and cable to charge your device. The photo shows 2 solar charging battery banks. The interesting thing is the December day I took the photo was "overcast" and not that bright. Still the 2 were charging in the east facing window in the afternoon.

    To be perfectly honest, I have several devices I take with me when I need to go to the hospital. I bought several multiport USB chargers along with several 6 and 10 foot long cables. The last time I was in the hospital Emergency Department, I was not able to plug the A/C charger into one of the outlets, so having one or more good battery banks to plug my devices into was needed. I actually have a "go bag" of all the things I may need, tech wise, when I go to the ER that I may need for an extended visit there or if I am admitted. The only things I need to make sure I have with my that are not in that "go bag" are my phone and the main tablet - maybe my secondary one as well.

    I really hate the hospital's TV system, so I can us my tablet[s] to watch my cable TV via their streaming app and watch all the other streaming services programming. I have several streaming services on my tablet that are both paid and free services. I spend about $20 for these services because I do not want to pay too much for services I do not watch all the time. I do not want to add another two major services that have only a couple of shows I know want to watch. Sure there are some great shows on the two services I have not bought into, but with my budget I will not pay the extra $30 to $40 per month for them. Not yet.