• About this site, or me

    Feb 18 2023

    My name is Timothy Lungstrom.
    I am retired due to several disabilities.
    I was trained in Mainframe Computer Programming with two degrees, and a Network Technology degree from early 2000.

    I have not updated or reworked my web site for years, but I decided it was time to change things up a bit.

  • About Interests

    Feb 18 2023

    I prefer not to use Windows and paid software.
    I use a Linux operating system called Ubuntu-Mate.
    This OS is free and all of my software I run are also free to install and use. Many are also able to be installed on a Windows computer.

    On this laptop, I use Firefox browser most times, though I use Chrome browser sometimes when needed.
    My office suite is LibreOffice [ LibreOffice.com ]. It is the best free office suite out there for Windows and Linux users. I have been using it since 2011, I believe, when they came out with their first public version called 3.3. As of writing this they are at 7.5. I cannot state too often that LibreOffice is free and has been since its start. Within 6 months of it coming out, it became the default office suite for most Linux versions, according to what I read back them. It also became the best one for Windows users that use an office suite like 90% of the users of MS Office. The other 10% users do things that are beyond most of us need or know how to do.

    My graphic needs are provided by GIMP image editor and Inkscape editor. GIMP is a free package that you use instead of Photoshop. Inkscape is used instead of Illustrator. I do not have the money to buy these two software even when I was working on Windows systems along with Linux systems. Even non-Adobe versions were getting too much for my pocket.
    You can search for these two packages for their Windows versions. They are part of my OS's repository of software packages built into the system, so I do not need to go to their sites. LibreOffice is also part of the repository, but I tend to update/upgrade it faster than the repository does.