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    The roads of time runs long and lonely.
    It is a road ever filled with places of beauty and of pain.
    To travel this road alone is a sad tale.
    But to travel it with a friend is a gladness that fills the heart.

    all original works are
    Copyrighted © 1996 - 2002
    by Timothy Lungstrom

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    Light of Time
    You feel a presence beside you
    His whispers guides your way
    His touch on your hand calms your fear
    He shows you a light before you
    You hear the calling your name
    You turn to thank him
    But he is no longer there
    You enter the warmth of the healing light
    Your life left behind
    You smile and see what awaits you
    Beyond the light of time

    Twilight Time
    Sunset, brightness and dark
    And end and a beginning
    From sunrise to sunset we travel
    The daytime is our lives
    But sunset is resting time
    For we rest and watch
    And life is renewed for a while
    Before the night hold is upon us
    And we remember the sunset
    For there our thoughts are
    The peace and calm of this twilight time

    City Lights, [this city]

    There is always light in this city. Burning, glowing, seeing the streets below.
    There is always life in this city. Coming, going, moving in the streets below.
    There is always death in this city. Changing, ending, crying in the streets below.
    There is always light in this city. Watching, winking, learning in the streets below.

    Dark Halls
    Dark is the night when his spirit is near
    Dark is his thoughts as he roams the halls
    With lamps dim he waits for the dawn
    And the coming of the new age

    Life's Candle
    Candle flame burns low
    Its light casting no shadows in the darkness
    Time is measured by its movement
    Life waits for the candle to end
    For at its end, his soul will be at peace

    Dark is the Waters
    Dark waters cold and deep
    Fast waters to the sea
    Falling over the stones of time
    Endlessly searching for its rest
    Dark is the soul of these waters
    Dark is the sea of this man
    Forever seeking the rest he needs
    Forever flowing from sea to land
    Dark is the waters of aloneness

    He that is of the spirit
    has gone to the high places.
    His presence is felt there
    and he knows joy.

    Soaring Spirit
    He spirit soars among the clouds
    for his joy fills his soul with song.
    His presence is felt there
    and his love is the breeze
    that warms you to the soul.

    Straight and Strong
    Straight, true, solid is your wall
    Stone upon stone, life upon life
    Someone built you with loving care
    Hands moving with skill to shape your features
    One block at a time
    Straight, true, solid is your wall
    Straight, true, solid is your life
    Strong enough to last the ages to come

    One Tree Falls
    One tree falls in the forest
    One branch is moved aside
    One life falls in the forest
    One heart is brushed by
    One child is brought to the forest
    One hand is held tight
    One dream is brought to the forest
    One hopes with all his might
    One life is shared with the forest
    One day before it is gone

    the price
    he touches the web
    it gives slightly with his weight
    he glides across the dew filled silken strands
    as a skater on sparkling ice
    his dance is seen by the path he weaves
    as he glides his way through the morning dew

    then he feels a quiver in his steps
    some else is on this web
    he quickens his pace
    racing across the dew with his bundle tight
    but it is too late
    once more she has found him

    he drops his precious bundle
    then quickens his pace
    the quiver sops
    he slows then turns to face her
    knowing she could still finish the chase

    relief spread through his wet feet
    once again safe
    but at a price
    she always must have her price
    for this day
    the web is hers