Welcome to Lungstrom.com. This web page is used for a place where I give my thoughts on different ideas, items, etc.  I will be adding much more to this page at some later date.  At this time, I am involved in many other projects and I will be working on this web site as time permits.  

I have listed below some web sites that I am involved with; from a simple user/viewer to its webmaster. These projects I am either, hosting, writing, maintaining, or just interested in using. Some I am very actively involved with, while others not so much. Please check these web pages out and see what you think of the information and/or services they have to offer.

This is a sample of my personal poetry. Much of my writings are inspired by either images or feelings about real events.

This is the web site for the Aktion Club of Elmira New York. This organization is part of the Kiwanis Family of organizations, and is for adults with disabilities in the Elmira area.

LibreOffice - The Best Office Suite there is, plus it is FREE.
Used the International Standard File Formats called "ODF - Open Document Formats",  and Reads/Writes MS Office files as well.  Based on the popular Oracle OpenOffice.org.

Their web site's URL is LibreOffice.org.

Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus supported by people all over the world.
Many Businesses, Organizations, Governments [ local, regional, national ],
and Schools, are switching over to LibreOffice from MS Office.
It is based on an Open Source office suite, OpenOffice.org,
that is now been out for over 10 years.  Since the OpenOffice.org
name is now owned by Oracle, a large number of the open source
developers took the open source code and created LibreOffice
office suite so it will not be owned by a large "mega company".  The
original company that owned the rights to the name was bought out
by Sun Microsystems, which was bought out by Oracle.  With the
new LibreOffice suite, the name and rights are never going to
be part of an company buyout.  So, if you already use OpenOffice.org,
you will love LibreOffice.  As of Feb 1st 2011, it at version 3.3.

Download it. Try it.  It is Free.  You may never want to use another office suite.

Ode to a fat cat. . .
I dream of being able to watch TV in bed, instead of watching the cat.
I dream of using my laptop without having the cat  between me and it.
But, he is a cat, and he wants his share of the attention
I am giving that gray plastic thing instead of giving it to him.
Sometimes he sits on it so I cannot use it.  At least he is not on my chest.